Jake A, 33

"I enrolled on a CBT and Direct Access Scheme with Treads Motorcycle Academy having no previous motorcycle experience. The instruction was excellent and the experience of the instructor was evident from the outset. As the customer I always felt as though my needs and requirements were put first and learning was conducted at a pace I was comfortable with. All bikes and equipment provided were in excellent condition and reliable throughout. The CBT training area was quiet, which increased my confidence when first riding the bikes. A thoroughly professional outfit that I would strongly recommend to anyone seeking to obtain their motorcycle licence".


Jon, 32

"I completed my motorcycle direct access scheme with Treads Motorcycle Academy in August 2018, having had no previous riding experience.  The course was extremely well delivered from start to finish, with first rate instruction from former Royal Marine, Youngy, who has years of riding experience in everything from road racing and touring to motocross!  After an intensive few days I felt more than prepared to take my Mod 1 and 2 tests and I am happy to say that I passed both first time, mainly due to the hours Youngy had invested in my training"!


"The course started with an in-depth overview of the motorcycle, how it worked and what needed to be checked prior to riding. The time spent on this was perfect, just enough time to assimilate what Youngy was teaching, but not too long - as we were all itching to get on and ride. The next few days were a whirlwind of CBT, riding around the carpark practicing different manoeuvres, open road and country driving. Although here was a lot to learn, Youngy took us through the modules at a steady pace, making sure that the lessons were understood and skills well honed, before moving on".


"Youngy teaches with a great balance of serious instruction and humour, obviously well practiced from his time in the military! This allows him to get the best out of his students and I was very impressed with his dedication, offering to extend the lessons if more practice was needed. Treads Motorcycle Academy has invested a considerable sum of money in new bikes, new riding gear and new communications equipment, which enhances the riding experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Treads Motorcycle Academy and Youngy to anyone wanting to learn how to ride. I challenge anyone not to be hooked after being instructed by such professional, dedicated and motivated instructors"!

Al, 42

"Simply OUTSTANDING- Steve is an excellent instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable about motorbiking and has a great way of getting it across. I am a 5ft, 42-year man and was really nervous about learning to ride a bike because I thought I would keep dropping the bikes but I wanted to scratch the itch. I am so glad I went with Treads Motorcycle Academy. Steve was excellent during all the stages of CBT , MOD1 and MOD2. He put me at ease with his great sense of humour and relaxed instructional technique. He was flexible with the timings of the lessons and worked around my working hours. He has a real passion for helping people gain their motorbike license. I was fortunate enough to pass each assessment first time without any errors and this is all down to Steve at Treads Motorcycle Academy. I am now loving riding my Moto Guzzi café racer. I have recommended him to all of my friends because he is first class, cheers Steve"