Q. How long will the CBT take?
A. A typical day commences at 0830am and usually finish around 3.30pm but our instructors are there to see you succeed and will put in the extra time if required, within reason. Bespoke start times may be available on request.

Q. Will I need my own bike?
A. No, we provide motorcycles and safety equipment as standard. You may bring your own kit provided it is road legal.

Q. Do I need to take a theory test before CBT?
A. No, but a sound knowledge of the highway code is highly recommended for your own safety. Parts of this will be covered during the course. Motorcycle theory tests are required before you can book the Mod 1 test.

Q. Do I need to do another CBT to move from automatic to geared machines?
A. No, as long as the CBT is still valid, but it’s recommend that you receive further training on a geared machine.

Q. What is the ratio of instructor to student?
A. There will be a maximum of two students to one instructor for the road ride.

Q. Is there a test at the end of the CBT?
A. No, it is a training day, but you must display a satisfactory ability and understanding before being issued a CBT certificate.

Q. Do I have to provide my own helmet?
A. No, helmets are provided as standard along with gloves and jacket. You may bring your own equipment and it will be assessed for its suitability. If in doubt call us to discuss.

Q. Will I need a licence?
A. Yes, you need a provisional licence with entitlement for “P” moped, or “A” motorcycle, which you apply for via the Gov.uk website. If you already hold a car license and are unsure if you have provisional entitlement, you can also view license information at the Gov.uk website.  

Q. How long does a CBT certificate last?
A. At present, the CBT certificate (DL196) is valid for two years.